What drone do you use?

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What drone do you use and why do you like it? I am looking at ordering a DJI Mavic after the holidays. If anyone has used that drone would love to hear your thoughts.


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I have had this little Holy Stone HS170 3 months and have flown it almost every day. I really like the way it banks and holds a line. You can easily fly it in the wind because it has a very aggressive mode 3. Very sturdy, I have gone through 3 other quads in the same time I have owned the Predator. You might want to consider checking this site too: http://www.thingsreports.com/best-drones/ These should be able to tell you which one to get depending on your needs. Hope it helps.

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I have been playing around with my DJI Phantom 4 for months now, this drone is fantastic! Takes only one and half an hour to fully charge and it's kind of quick compared to many others. What I like most is the excellent camera it carries with it. Besides all this it can fly up to 30 minutes, probably one of the longest compared to others(comparison list here: http://whatphotographygear.com/photography-gadgets/best-selfie-drones.html).