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      Hi guys,


      I am Phil, 20 years old.

      I work for a company which is based in the United Kingdom. We are selling products over the internet and my job is actually the customer support. Basically, I am doing a gap year here before I go back to Germany to start studying. Whatsoever, if I got a free minute, I am doing some product reviews/videos that customers can have a first look on the product self before they buy it and maybe do not look the look etc.

      So, in every video, I am going a new way and watch out for feedback (as you may know, there is not a lot on every video). 

      With my latest video, I have chosen a complete new way. A stativ, a whiteboard and I was behind the camera instead of in front.


      It is this video:



      I am still not 100% happy, as the whiteboard is definitely too shiny, so I will use a big, white piece of paper next time.

      How about the light, do I need more or less light? 

      In my last videos, I have used the microphone of my camera but this time, I have used a Corsair Vengeance 1500 microphone which is obviously giving a better sound quality (please compare with my other videos).


      Do you have any useful tipps on how I can improve the quality of my video?


      Thanks in advance and with best regards,



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