What do you call this type of editing and how do you do it?

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      Hello all, hope you’re well.

      I’m a WW2 buff and I came across this very impressive video.

      What do you call the editing between 1:42-1:53. What programs would you have to use to get that kind of edit?

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      AvatarSpace Racer

      To me that looks like a basic compositing. It’s something you can do just about every editing program you place the new version of the building on the lower timeline, and then place The still photo of the damaged building on the upper timeline and align them. Next you make a matte that hides the parts of the photo of the old building you don’t want to see and use the matte to reveal what’s on the lower layer.
      It’s easier to understand if you watch it being done on YouTube, look for compositing videos.

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      The tricky thing is finding the camera angle in the here and now to match the old photos – once you have that, it’s not hard – just fiddly!

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      Yep, compositing. Bring in the old photo then superimpose over the new. Edit the still in Photoshop then bring it into your video. http://www.topdesignmag.com/35-incredible-combinations-of-new-and-old-photos/

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      Here is a tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0whxgiOogls

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      i used this software for editing of my blog and it is very good so you should also check these things

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