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      i have a very newbie question… and i hope you can help me out.


      I shoot a 7 miutes video in 1080p. I then edited in screenflow. I exported at the highest resolution and i ended up with a 10Gb file.


      Then i compressed it using compressor, using the H264 codec. The aspect ration remained the same. Although the final video looks pretty well on my computer, when i upload it to Youtube the quality is much poorer if i watch it on Iphone or Ipad. 


      Here you can have a look



      Why does it look so bad on mobile devices? is the 1080p too high for Iphones and Ipads? Or did i do something you would have done differently?





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      " Why does it look so bad on mobile devices? is the 1080p too high for Iphones and Ipads? "



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      Thanks 🙂

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      I've learned that you should compress your video for the type of source it will be played on.  If you are going to play it on a DVD, you should make your settings different from if you are going to play it on youtube, or on an ipad.  Certain programs have presests in their export settings for encoding video for youtube, vimeo, iphone, dvd, etc.  If you want to send it to youtube, for example, search the internet for the best settings for youtube and see what comes up. 




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      Thanks for all these great answers…


      so the newx questions that pops into my mind is: if i encode say for Youtube, i might choose a specific setting in my software.


      I encode it and it looks good on Youtube. But then what about people who watch it on Youtube from their Iphone…? Should i encode for Iphone directly?





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      I've found that youtube mobile is using sub-par compression for just about everything. I have a Nexus 10 (higher DPI screen than even iPad) and yet Google has chosen to go with very low bitrates (even on wifi!). When you upload to youtube, it automatically makes several versions of the same video (that's why it takes a few minutes to process your video once you've uploaded it). If you install a plugin for firefox called VideoDownloadHelper, you can see and download all the different versions of your video. I see that most videos have at least 8 different versions.


      Youtube actually has a good article about Advanced Encoding Settings:



      I'd go with the enterprise quality settings if you have the bandwidth (or patience).

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      Thanks Nick


      i read that article a few days ago… 


      the strage thing is that my videos, even at the bit rate they suggest still look bad. However, other videos look very clear

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      That's very odd. Have you tried recompressing with various different settings and seeing what it looks like?


      My last guess would be that youtube is doing something odd with GOP structure and you're getting double compression artifacts. I'm not really familiar with how to fix that but you might want to read up on GOP (group of pictures). I have a coworker who is very finicky about it.

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      Uploading a HD video to YouTube,  the Video encoders they have work best with SD video.  I have noticed most HD videos look crappy when played back.


      Here are the specs on YouTube uploads – http://support.google.com/youtube/bin/static.py?hl=en&page=ts.cs&ts=2888402


      This page is worth note also – http://support.google.com/youtube/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1722171&topic=2888648&ctx=topic

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      Thanks Dave


      but if i upload it at standard definition, what will happen when people decide to watch it full screen? Won't it lose a lot of quality?



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      Hi Paolo


      Maybe the issue is caused by it being in Italian. I'M KIDDING!!!!


      I tried to download Screenflow to see how it works, but I use a PC


      First off your video looks excellent. As has been mentioned Youtube and Vimeo still convert your upload, even when you upload to their required specs.


      When you export your finished work, are you given options on what format you wish to use?


      It is more expensive but I use ADOBE Premiere 5.5 And premiere pro CS6


      After picking a format such as H.264 you can then choose where it will be uploaded to and if it will be in SD or HD.


      You can download a trial copy to see how that works


      Because it sounds like you have to go to a lot of work to upload to youtube.It just takes few clicks for me.

      Perhaps someone couod suggest a purely Mac Editor that does the same.


      Last thing, If you feel that a new editor would help, I think they all have free trials


      Buona fortuna


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      I get the feeling that there are some unreasonable expectations afoot here. Why would you think any highly compressed media would look anything like the video emerging from your editor?


      Rick Crampton

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      Hi Barry,


      yes i am Italian and sorry for Bunga Bunga.


      Anyway, for the first videos i used screenflow. The video uploaded here was created using that. I exported at App Pro res and then encoded using quicktime 7. 

       However, this took me forever as the master file was about 7 Gigs. 


      Now what i do if i want to save some time is to export from SF to web high setting (which is a H264 file) at about 10 000Kbit/sec and then i use again quicktime 7 to compress it to H264 at 1500Kbit/sec.


      Here you can see an example of one video using this approach



      I know that other softwares such as FC and AP are better and right now i am learning FC Pro X


      here's a video i did with the trial. I exported at App pro res and then used again quicktime 7 to compress it to H264 1500Kbits/sec



      I like FC and in a near future i would like to use AP as well. The only thing i am not sure is what program to use to compress the videos when i use FC pro. The obviuos choice would be compressor, although i read many reviews of people saying it's not that great.


      On the other hand, Sorenson Squeeze and Episode pro which seems to be better according to the opinions i have read, are much more expensive….

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      Hi Paolo or Luca,


      I Have been educating myself about uploading to Youtube as I use Vimeo.   But I am not looking to share anything with an audience yet. 


      I am also trying to understand the problem you are having.  all the videos look excellent.


      Are you looking for something that will compress your file into a certain size?


      I read the Youtube upload guidelines and they say keep it to it's orginal format as much as possible. Like the FPS rate


      They want H.24 or mpeg2 or Mpeg4 and HD if possible.


      I downloaded one of you vids as an MP4 file and it was 12.5 MB,  How big was the file you uploaded?


      They all end up as Flash files anyway.



      7GBs!  Wow that's big for a few minutes.   Why is it so large. The animation? I have canon's entry level professional camera called the Xa10 and I record on its highest setting at 24FPS and can shoot 

      12 minutes and use about 2 GB


      One other thing to try is Premiere Pro  It comes with Adobe Media Encoder



      Perhaps we will talk later




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      Hi Barry


      i am Paolo and in the videos it's my brother Luca talking…


      I will definitely have a look at the Adobe creative cloud very soon. Right now i am using FCP X.


      The file i uploaded was at least 60 mb, so i don't know why when you download it it is only 15.


      Anyway about the big file size, that's a question i can't figure it out. The video i import into my editing software are around 300 mbs. The video intro is about 100 mb. But after all the edits, if i export to App pro res the file size is going to be very high. I don't know where the program takes all that data to create a file that big…

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      Hi Paolo

      Speaking about sorry,  I'm Canadian and we're sorry about everything,


      Because I like to help and also like to solve puzzles I have been doing more research into what I believe to be your issue or one of them,


      You are getting gigantic file sizes,    THe Iphone version does not have the quality you want.


      I don't have an Iphone or any smart phone,  But I have a Firefox add on that will download all the formats that are available from you tube.


      I downloaded the 3gp version or mobile version and it played on Quicktime.


      I also download movile video from another Channel that had excellent video quality in its highest quality,

      and downloaded the same one in the mobile version.


      On quicktime they both looked the same.  Not as good as the original.


      I then took one of my videos and exported it to 3gp using the same values as the ones I found on yours by clicking properties.


      It also was not that great looking.   I also discovered that I have an adobe product called

      Device Central that emulates what something will look like on another device.


      I still have to upload something to Youtube to test out some of my theories,  but I don't think you need to export the video to the highest possible resolution then encode it for youtube upload.


      I think it will work fine if you export it to the Youtube specifications.  Below is from a page for advanced uploading . They claim to have a page with more simple instructions but I an't find it.But I think this advice applies to eveything.   And maybe you do this anyway,



      Frame rates should match the source material

      • For example, content shot in 24 fps should be encoded and uploaded at 24 fps. Content recorded at 30 fps should be uploaded at 30 fps.
      • Content shot in 720 p60, should be uploaded at 720 p60
      • Content at 1080 i60, should be deinterlaced and uploaded at 1080 p30.


      I have learned one thing.   Vimeo uploads the same video faster than Youtube

      But doesn'thave the same capacity for getting an audience.

       I am doing exporting to H.264  1920 x 1080p  23.97 FPS etc


      I always write too much so I will stop and post more when I get more info


      I leave with one thought that I learned through Google Translate


      Fasting Is Really Good For Weight Loss





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      Okay I uploaded a video I made for smy Friends 3 year old up on Youtube.


      I export it to H.264 1920 x 1080 23.97 FPS   Target Bitrate 8MBs Max 9MBs


      The 3:50 file ended up as 221 MB


      It looks good at in the small window and the extended window but a bit fuzzy at fullscreen.


      But the same video I had uploaded to Vimeo at 1080 x 720p looks good at fullscreen.


      I am having a friend with an Iphone tell me how it looks there.


      The Youtube link is   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7swuVxGFsA&feature=youtu.be


      The vimeo Link is   http://vimeo.com/56570048


      If you want to tell me how bad my Youtube looks on Iphone great.


      Or my friend will get to it at some point.


      I am glad I don't upload to Youtube on a regular basis because of the extra time it takes,  But that is where the audience is.  They even have a page with articles on how to get viewers and a pdf somewhere that you can download about it.


      At first I was going to do my version of your video,  but that would have taken too long.


      I might do it anyway as I am a comedian and I like to parody things.


      From what I translated it looks like your videos have excellent information.


      Take care




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       A great thread! Great interaction! As a moderator I totally enjoy coming across posts like this with a lot of exchange, give and take. I'm working on some of these issues myself while developing a QR code project and program.

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      The main thing is YouTube's codecs are awful. Yes a good 'cleaner' program will help cut down on your file sizes but the simplest thing to do is first scale down your frame size to 720p and then export out to mpeg4 in QT. You'll have to work out your compression rate versus the length of your video because quality + time = file size. Next, when you get a good balance between image quality and file size, submit one copy to the 'Tube and another to Vimeo. Vimeo uses a far superior codec and depending on what level of account you have, the more or less data you can upload in a single go per month.

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      Hey Paolo


      Mr. Porter sounds like a man to be listened to.  I hope you follow his advice.


      In all this I have learned some thiings.  


      Mr. Porter, I shoot 1920 x 1080 at 23.97 and export to H.264 at 1280 x720 to vimeo.  Which looks good.


      I uploaded one test video to Youtube at 1920 X 1080 and a friend with an IPhone said it looked good,  The internet version was fine but not as good as the Vimeo version at 1280 x 720.



      I could ask many questions.  But how does ones cale down the frame size and then export it?


      Will the Premier pro Help page tell me how?


      You're a professional and I understand if you don't have time but I keep trying to learn new things.


      Thank you


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      If you're doin a lot of compression for delivery to different sources you might like to purchase Jan Ozer's book on "Video Compression for Flash, App-le Devises and HTML5". I did and I'm sure glad I did

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      Hi Paolo

      This info may be useless to you but I thought I would show you what my export window looks like.

      Do you have something like this.  It certainly makes it easier to choose what I want to do with the edited video.
















      I imagine other editing programs have similar features.  I don't know.



      Trying to be helpful 


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      Yes there does seem to be some things that  that are misunderstood.


      I don' think the thing to which you refer to in the above post to be an expectation of mine.   Really, truly I don't.


      I know the opposite to be true

       I do really, truly.


      I was doing my best to explain to Paolo who seems to be having a problem uploading to Youtube and getting the same quality that he sees on Youtube videos that (excuse the run on sentence) maybe he could find a video editor that does the compressing for him,  Because I don't know how his editor works and it is Mac so I can't try it out.


      I may not be any help but I am trying to help him.


      But I do believe in Faires


      Really Truly,


      Thank you


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