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I just upgraded to CS6 and have a small issue, I use 3 cams..2-ns5's and a smaller handheld something like cr150? Anyway, I used to have all 3 running fine on a timeline. This time I loaded the 2-ns5's and when I went to load the 150 it would stop my cpu dead. It would not freeze it would just try to load for an hour until I hit cancel. I tried several work arounds..until I finally converted it to a quicktime with aac audio. I have a suspicion the audio has something to do with it. The NS5's are shooting HD-1920 with PCM audio where as the 150 is HD-1920 with some other format, Im not sure what the default setting is. I will look tonight. Anyone ever had this issue? It was fine in 5.5


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How are you importing the footage into CS6? Best to use the "Media Browser", normally found at lower left of Premiere interface, rather than File > Import. This is because of how AVCHD files are saved, some with separate audio and video files, plus metadata and such. Using Media Browser, Premiere is better able to "understand" or interpret the codec/material being imported.




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