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      Hi guys,

      My high school is looking to purchase a new camera to be used for concerts and shows and I’d like some help with regards to suggestions. we would like to spend the max of £2000.

      I’ve been looking at the GH3 or 4 or maybe a DSLR but if anyone has any others they would recommend that would be great.

      some prerequisists are;

      works well in low light where performers might not be well lighted or a dark room with stage lighting.

      good quality so we can sell dvd’s

      future proofing, the system will last a good few years. (maybe 4K camera?)

      shoot continuously (rules out most DSLR i think)

      we may use it to film exams 6+ hours

      i think that covers our needs.

      thanks in advanced for your suggestions. if you need more info please ask

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