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      Hi guys,

      I am considering buying a GH4, however i have been discouraged and probably rightfully so by the fact that people say that the 4k capabilities require the necessary equipment to handle it.


      so here are my circumstances.

      I own a macbook, its is a few years old, however it meets the requirements for final cut pro X, but not the 8gb of ram for 4K.


      My questions are the following:

      a) First what can I expect in terms of system performance, in a computer that meets the requirements of the software (just a little over). what can i expect when handling large uncompressed files, or 4k files.


      b) will i even be able to handle 4k files long enought to downsample them. or is a strong system required just for the CPU to handle juggling the file. I am not talking about screen resolution which obviously doesnt meet 4k standards.


      c}the benefits in added sharpness of the 4k resolution in itself are not too important to me. whats important to me is the ability to shoot wider and to crop the scenes into smaller bits of that scene (higher resolution gives you that choice, while still keeping HD resolution, from what i read and saw). Will i be able to do that with a computer that doesnt meet 4K standards.


      thanks for answering

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      Older computers can handle 4k Video.

      They are just slower.


      Most of us when we do shoot 4k, is either to downsize to 1080P or for Frame Grabs.


      The GH4 is a great camera that I upgraded to to get better Stills than the GH3.

      Turns out that it is better in every way.

      I now shoot mostly 1080P 60fps.

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