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      Hi guys,i am new here..I am a huge fan of art with camera but i have no knowledge about it..My question is: if i want to make artistic short videos( beautiful girl waking up and dressing for the day, people walking with kids in park,,etc),and i dont want hd videos and proffesional movie look,i want that haunting artistic look,like those gifs,old camera look,do i need to get some old model of camera or i can buy modern camera and get some software program for editing,and learn to edit to get artistic look…Sorry for bad english

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      I think I know what you’re after and it’s actually really hard to achieve (I’ve tried). Video cameras, PXL2000 apart, shoot good images, even the kiddie toy cameras. Software will get you close – you can play with color, blurs, vignettes, grunge it, but I think this is the one and only area where you really need a film camera. If you’re really serious, suggest you look for something like a Bolex H16 (and unfortunately people are starting to realise what these are worth)

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