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      After Readying tons and tons of threads and webpages need some adivce I'm looking for a all in one Video Camera for around 5k with the most bell and whisles for Green Screen, Stop Motion, Short Video work any advice would be appreciated..I have looked at Sony Cannons so far..RED love them but out of my price range…Thanks 


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      Hi Aerogel – the closest thing you're going to get to RED RAW with a $5K budget is a 4K RAW for $4K Blackmagic Production Camera.  This camera has been in development for almost a year, but footage has started to appear and it should be shipping soon.


      If you pre-order it now, you should have it in a couple of months. Here is the best footage from preproduction cameras:








      Super 35 cameras from Sony or Canon with built-in 4K are available right now, but they're all going to cost you over $15K – and the Canons can't record to RAW without an expensive external recorder.


      Hope this is helpful!



      Hybrid Camera Revolution

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      No. If Aerogel only has 5k to spend, the BMPC will put him way over butget. You have to buy a bunch of other stuff, too – lenses and an adapter, batteries, SSD drives, EVF, maybe a rail system and mattebox, ND filters, tripod, definitely lights for green screen work…


      For 3,000 you can get yourself a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, four extra batteries, four SD cards, a Metabones Nikon adapter, and some Nikkor lenses. Use the remaining 2,000 for lights and a tripod.

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      Thanks guys I have SSD drives out the Wazoo on my DAW so easy to move over a few I guess the big question would be if 5k goes to 6k, could I get the basics black majic raw with the lens rail matterbox etc..

      I had another 2k for the lighting and green screen stuff..if not looks like what Rob posted is a all in one for 5k….I guess they will have packages soon for the BM Camera..no rush really.



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      There is actually no simple answer to your question.  The above suggestions are correct, but they really didn't address: 1) the quaility level you need/the end product (deliverable), nor the 2) "shooting conditions" you will be under.


      1) If you are shooting for Youtube, a Cannon 60d is still a great choice at the bottom end.  Obviously the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is a great step up, but never forget the cost of storage.  On a 20 minute short I worked on with the Black Magic Cinema Camera the DP didn't even shoot a lot of it in raw because it gets really crazy.  I think he caculated 10-15 TB (which you have to triple for adequate backup).  Also, on any camera, the lens you get a very important to quality they will produce.  If you are on a fast moving production, its much easier to have zooms, but zooms generally suffer in quality from primes.  If you don't have a good lighting package (or budget for rentals) its very hard to light on the cheap and to compensate you need faster primes/lens.  Also, recognise your shooting conditions really impact your camera purchase.  i.e. The Cannon 5d Mark II/III are used quite frequently in short independant films because its better in low light than many other cameras and the shallow depth of field can give you a more "cinematic" shot when your background is ugly/badly lit.  


      2). If you are expecting to be a "DP" on a independent short set you will need a follow focus, fluid head tripod, spare batterys, matt box, UV filters, ND filters, camera case, etc.   Maybe a slider and stedicam rig too.  Just those items in decent quality can quickly add another $3-5k to any camera budget.  


      I have done green screen work and the quality of consistant light on the green screen is the key to getting a good key.  Indoor lighting alone on a 10'x10' green screen will set you back probably $3k using 5 Kino Flo knock offs.  http://www.coollights.biz/cl455p-cool-lights-portable-watt-softlight-p-67.html  Using anything else will not consistanly light the green screen, really time consuming to set up, or be in the shot.  Of course if you are lighting a smaller screen then less lights are needed, but you are looking at waste up type of shots not head to toe.


      Stop motion is best done with a photography camera.  Just take each photo and import as a sequence.


      I have a Panasonic AG-AC90 video camera.  Its an all in one camera, but has serious limitations. Two of the main ones are its lack of detail and need for light.  Its really a run and gun camera, but I've shot very good green screen work with it (using a green screen outdoors).  I compared it to a Cannon 60d (which costs half as much) and the 60d was better image quality wise, but like I said it made to shoot run and gun and the 60d would struggle to do what I can even with the 60d kitted out.  The AG-AC90 has a lot of custom settings which also make it much more versitle.  But if you are shooting a short and have a Gaffer to light and scenes which are not difficult to shoot, The Cannon 60d with a good range of quality lens would produce a much more pleasing product.  However the Cannon 60d nor the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera are known for the depth of field you can get out of the 6d or 5d Mark III.


      I am looking myself for a better video camera but I want great photos too.  I've recongnized I shoot too much to afford the storage of the Blackmagics.  Mabye in a few years…  I am stuck with deciding between the micro 4/3 or full frame cameras and I can't decide, because there are serious pros and cons for each.  Example: Panasonic is coming out with a very affordable 4k GH4.  However, I don't have a 4k monitor to edit on and what I shoot probably doesn't need to be 4k.  On the other hand I really appreciate the capablities of the larger sensor cameras.

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      Don't buy a bazooka if you ony need a BB gun !  Get the specs for the work you need to do and match the tools to the job. 

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      I think BM is reading post they went from 3.9k  to 2.9k in price..thin it is the 4K GH4



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      I wish there was a part picker for video cameras  I.e builds I'm a noob geting into this but not on the 4k, 3d, picture or video editing side of it have this covered,  I.E body,primes,matt boxs,rails etc list

      The GH4 looks great and for stills also…with a quad core processor in it you think they would have ssd out the XLR out are a plus…still un-decided and it seems the BM are just now comming into stock…guess I will wait a few to see the bug list the sensor is nice i'm intching for it right now.




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      That's funny – maybe your post was the one that convinced them to lower the price πŸ™‚


      Even though it won't be available for a few months, I'm going for the Panasonic GH4 myself.  It records Digital Cinema Initiative compliant 4096×2160 4K, while the $2995 Blackmagic Production Camera records to 3840×2160 UHD.


      The GH4 is supposed to be $1699 body only.  


      The GH4's internal recording maxes out at "just" 8-bit 4K, which will be fine for most uses, but if you need to record to 4K 10-bit 4:2:2, and budget permits, you can buy the Panasonic "brick" for SDI out and either buy a 4K Ki Pro Quad for $3495 or an Odyssey 7Q for $2295.

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