WHAT are my STANDARD EXPORT SETTINGS to create Master Video files?

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      October 28, 2014

      I am an individual music composer and recording artist who makes Music Albums in CD, MP3 and DVD. I also do training DVDs of what I teach.

      I am creating Music and Training Videos using Premiere Pro CS4.

      I need to set up a video situation where I can Create Music and Training videos:

      1) Get them ready to burn them to DVD as a final product. I am set up with CreateSpace for this.

      2) CreateYouTubes using portions of my Training and Music Videos to let people know about what I do and what I have available. I have a YouTubes page.

      3) Create Videos for use through Vimeo for developing my Music DVDs and Training DVDs. I have a Vimeo page.

      I need to Set Up a STANDARD EXPORT through the Media Encoder in Premiere Pro CS4 to create / render Master Type of Video Files that I can make the Music DVDs and Training DVDs from and also do Digital downloads for playing the Music Videos and Training Videos on the computer.

      I will also use these STANDARD EXPORT files for the Vimeo Video creation and the YouTube creation.

      So, the BEST INFO for me at this time would be WHAT is my STANDARD EXPORT SETTINGS to create these Master Video files?

      I always have the Audio at 24 Bit and 96,000 Hz for everything I do.

      i.e. Quicktime Audio Uncompressed, 24 bit, 96,000 Hz and Video Video picture Size ???
      or . . . AVI or . . . ?

      All help would be greatly appreciated.

      Dr. Angela Barnett

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