what about commercial leased access?

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      Matt york advocated commercial leased access years ago. im thinking about giving it a shot here in northwest pa. Realistically is it still a viable means of distribution?

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      Still a viable means of distribution and many LAPers (leased accees programmers) now combine shows distributed on cable and the Internet, often via use of Internet delivered 'live TV' on cable.


      My firm has developed a nationwide network of local LAPers ranging from some using as little as 30 minutes a week to full time, 24/7 operations.  You can get contact info for me at http://www.leasedaccess.org.


      Incidentally, it was Matt York's work that lead me to leased access in the mid 90's.

      Charlie Stogner, president Leased Access Programmers assn.

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      Hey Charlie, thanks for sharing. Good to see you here. Earl

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      I sent you an email charlie. sign me up!!!


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