Weird exposure/color pops in video

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      Hey there folks!

      I recently played around in final cut pro x with some edit features. Meanwhile I figured out about the stabilizing feature I noticed in my recent source video some kind of lighting/colorbalance/exposure weird artifacts that shows up in before any editing is done at all and I can see it for example when looking at the clip via quick time prior to importing it into fcpx. It shows up in the clips when going from one room to another.

      I also noticed when trying to stabilize that footage in fcpx, all options to stabilize except inertia converts these light / colorbalance errors into even more weird hickups that makes the whole frame to jump really weird.

      I have previously had an experience where a TV near the camera sent a constant flickr into the room that was at another framerate that the cameras and that messed up the scene but that I could fix with some plugin after searching for i.e. “fix video flicker”.

      While there are plenty of tutorials about that which was a constant flicker, this time it happens just very occasionally and I have no idea what this is called or caused by.

      Gear used:
      Sony A7rII 100fps 720p original setting on camera, XAVC S HD
      Extreme pro 280mb/s sandisk
      FE 1.4 35 lens
      Both lens and camera have the latest firmware.

      I am aware about the limitations regarding software stabilizing and that it sometimes introduce visual artifacts and I have already ordered a stabilizing unit to prevent as much camera shake as I can in the future but I feel a bit worried about these strange flickering-pops showing up in some more important case in the future.

      I guess I can set a fixed white balance and exposure for important jobs but sometimes it´s not a very ideal option especially when I want to move from one light scene to another in the same shot.

      Anyone with some thoughts? why am I getting this “light-pops”?
      Is this a video codec artifact?
      Is it because I move the camera to fast?
      Is is a color balance error where the camera gets confused?
      Is it something else?
      Whatever the camera gets confused about I would assume any Sony engineer would want this kind of changes in color balance or exposure to appear gradually and not at all like this where the light just pops this quick.

      Links below are lower resolution clips but the artifact can be seen very easy.

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