Week 3 – Your Best Shot

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      I will cherish this video for the rest of my life for several reasons:


      It was the first long-distance trip we'd ever planned and  taken with our new travel trailer (twice).


      It heralded the end of not only the Space Shuttle Discovery's expeditions but the space shuttle era.


      It was the first time we'd taken our new puppy (A.J.) on an adventure…



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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      Man, I am jealous! I'd have loved to have been there for that.


      Is it safe to assume the specific shot you're submitting starts at 0:49? There are a couple really cool shots in there.

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      Mike, you’re correct about the shot timing.

      We live by the principle that life is short. We knew that the program was ending and wanted to document its passing…

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      How i wish i could witness one too. And the animals are cute… At least they were part of you video endeavors

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      We had a great time.  I hope we have a reason to witness another giant step in space exploration, although I doubt a manned mission to mars will happen in my lifetime. 


      Here's just the launch, not the whole thing:  http://youtu.be/D1aswBsnavM

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      It would be great if you could include a little blurb about the video challenge when you post them. I still don't quite understand what this weeks challenge is about, your favourite shot?

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