Week 3: Glowing Ocean Waves

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      My best shot was on September 29, 2011 at La Jolla, California during an algae bloom that caused the ocean waves to glow a bright blue color.  The phenomemon is known as bioluminescence. When people swim in the water, the entire water around them glows blue.  It's truly an amazing sight to see!  These types of algae blooms only occur about once every 10 years — so I was pretty excited to try and get them on camera.  


      I went to the beach with my video camera and tripod…  but of course the "glow" wasn't bright enough to pick up from the beach.  So I ditched the tripod, and waded in to the ocean with the waves hitting up at my wave/chest in order to be close enough to pick anything up on camera.  Trying to focus on breaking ocean waves in the dark is quite a challenge.  After about 2 hours in the water I walked away with about 16 seconds of good/usable footage :).  Definitely a once in a lifetime shot.


      After putting my video up on youtube I had requests from the "Today Show" and the "Weather Channel" to use my 16 second clip on national television.  Pretty cool!

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