Wedding videography with Canon C100

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      We are wedding videographers… we shot a wedding out west a few weeks ago and my freeance second shooter showed up with a Canon C100. Has anyone used one of these? I use a 6D and 5D Mark III and love the cinema quality of the resulting footage but as was pointed out to me, the C100 is a video camera first that mimics the SLR in many ways so it might give a differnt look. I'm looking to possibly use/own one for weddings only, just curious to hear about your mileage with this camera.




      John Summerfield


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    AvatarSDE Weddings

    Hi John, 


    A few of our guys use the C100 as well. Is a really good camera, but is a lot less saturated than the Canon DSLR line. We had to spent more time in post to match the footage though. 


    SDE Weddings

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