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      Hi Just a quick question to other videographers out there
      I've been doing wedding now for the past 18months and have been building up my business as a videographer. I've now managed to get decent clients in that love my work and have had plenty of praise for the work I have done for others. Recently I took on some work for a friend who was ill and covered a wedding that he was meant to be doing. The price that he quoted was £370 which I would never do a wedding for that price but as it was a friend I did it anyway. I was told that I was going to get a meal included so travelled for 2hrs to the location. When I got to the wedding I was working with another photographer who I got on with and we worked for around 8hrs before everyone sat down to eat. We waited for around 30mins only to be told that a meal was not requested for so had to travel 40mins to the nearest place to eat and rush back to start filming again. At no point where we offered a drink by the couple who seemed really hard to work with and rather rude even though we tried to be professional and polite throughout one of the hottest days in the UK. Eventually we left after 12hrs and when home. At this point I sent the couple a few messages over 2 weeks which totalled 2 in all, both were seen and read but got ignored. I also tried to ask what kind of music they would like, if they wanted some special words added to the video and again these were ignored. After 3 weeks of trying to get in contact, the photography mentioned that she had also had no contact from them and that they ignored all of her message in regards to their photographs. All photographs were posted up and sent but no comment had been made. As of Tuesday this week I did get a very small message which was rather short and with no politeness. I have worked for over a week editing a 7min highlights video with extras including drone footage which would've cost allot more than £400, the highlights was posted and seen but no comments have been made and my last message again has been ignored. This has been roughly now been around 4 weeks, the clients are active but seem to be ignoring requests.

      This is the first client I have had that has done this and it’s really strange to get this from a bride and groom. All of my work is put though extensive editing, and I use allot of gear plus many years of training to have a client ignore all messages.  I have learned from this as I'll not again do a wedding at that price and will choose my clients wisely.

      Has anyone dealt with this before? As I'm sure every other artist would like to know that their client is happy.

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