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      Hi everyone, if I film a wedding and music is playing in the background say, for example as they sign the documents, and say the bride sings along to that music and says out loud how much she loves that song; am I breaching copyright if that song is under copyright and part of it is on the audio soundtrack of the wedding video? How would I proceed in that situation? (If the music is in the audio and part of the ceremony)…just wondering what do wedding videographers do in that situation? Please be aware I am learning,studying and taking note of current practice and advice…thanks in advance!

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      I’m not an attorney, but here’s my understanding: if the music is in the background, as you describe it, you are not in violation; you are merely documenting what happened. However, if you use that music elsewhere, or supplement it with a recording of the same song, you are in copyright violation.

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      Hi Jack, thanks for your comment. Ok I have learned a bit more about this since I posted -; apparently if any music played in the background or live or from a recorded track is copyright, then to include it on the wedding video is a breach of copyright. BUT! There is a licence which in Australia can be obtained from AMCOS/Apra which will cover the videographer and allow him /her to use ANY copyrighted music in the video. You can obtain a ‘single event’ for $63AUD or an annual for around $500. This is also true when music played by the band on the night gets recorded onto the video. At least this is a reasonable cost which can be passed onto the client. Unfortunately at this stage it does not cover the video online at all, so must be given to client via USB or DVD or similar. I think for the peace of mind etc it is well worth it. It also allows us to use any song requested by the bride etc on the video.

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