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      I’m prepping my first wedding shoot, and I can’t figure out the best way to record the audio.

      1) Will the on camera mics capture good sound for the ceremony? (Specifically from the EX1 and a RODE VideoMic.)
      2) Should I put a lav on the groom? If I did, would that lav also capture the bride? (I don’t want to try to figure out how to lav a bride.)
      3) Would it be better to hide a mic somewhere around the ceremony where it wouldn’t be noticed?

      Thank you all so much,


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      Personally, I prefer Lav mic and a shotgun mic. I usually have at least two camcorders. I regularly mix the two audio tracks, depending on what’s transpiring…

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      Eons ago, before camcorders, I was asked to ( audio ) record a couple weddings. I found that by planting a wireless lav on the  preacher ( priest, officiate, whatever ) somewhere around the solar plexus did a pretty good job of picking up the bride and groom also. One advantage is that the preacher is more " available " when you need to retrieve your mic. A stereo pair ( perhaps one each side of the main aisle, front row of pews ) is also needed to be able to hear a sense of space and pick up the organ if there is one. Of course, musical groups or soloists need to be considered. For the reception, you'll be in " news reporter " mode, staying mobile; and so, a good shotgun mic mounted on the camera is necessary.

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      Personally I think it's a job for a lav. If the official has a book held infront of him, clip it there. The bride's bouquet has been used. Mic the quietest voice (not always the bride!) For the Rode mic to be effective you'll have to be close between the bride and groom and the guests and especially in front of the photgrapher which won't sit well. The lav doesn't have to be wireless, it could go direct to a little recorder like the resonably priced Zoom H2 (which you can put in wedding officals pocket). Excellent sound will make all the difference in the world to the finished product and customer satisfaction – don't under estimate it. If you are looking at doing Weddings as a business then further business will be based on this and subsequent jobs. I think fellow forum contributor Earl once wrote he put (hid) H2's all over the place, on podiums, in flower arrangements…etc.

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      The last wedding we did we had a Lav on the groom to one camera,, a zoom recorder connected to be sound system. A zoom hidden on the alter area plus on camera mic on 2 More cameras.  Ended up using 3 of the audio sources. 

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      Bwsab, I agree with the other posters. Using a lav works well. I mic the groom with a omni-directional lav and put a Zoom H2 in his pocket. I start it recording close to the start of the ceremony (don't trust the groom to press start), make sure that you plug in earphones to test the pickup of the location of the lav before you hide the wire and tuck the recorder out of sight. I have found that this picks up the groom and the bride well.I think if you mic the minister you might miss some interesting audio between the couple as they approach the alter, light unity candle, exiting, etc. Others on this site have suggested some good brands of wireless lav setups, this will save you the trouble of syncing in post but costs more money. I use a omni lav from Radio Shack (~$30.00) plugged into the H2 and get good results. Keep shooting.

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      Here's a temporary link to a wedding video, using a shotgun & lav mic.  The shotgun mic came in very handy at about 8 minutes in:

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      AvatarDaniel Bruns

      Great suggestions all around!


      I have found that putting a wireless transmitter on the soundboard and then having the reciever hooked up to a Zoom H4N or the camera I'm shooting on as a recording device is the most efficient solution for me. This way, I can use my headphones to keep an ear on the audio throughout the ceremony since the reciever and recording device are right next to me as I'm shooting the event from my camera. 


      That being said, to be really safe, I sometimes put a lavalier microphone on the pastor in order to capture the majority of the sound just in case the person running the soundboard isn't doing a great job. The Zoom H4N has two inputs as well as most professional camcorders so having two audio sources is usually not a problem. 


      Hopefully that helps!


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      I use a wireless lav on the officiant because it's nearly impossible (and some might say rude) to track down and interupt the groom after walking down the aisle. (I never put it on the bride.) The officiant is standing between the two people and gets the couple's audio equally. Their voices will almost always be low compaired to the officient so you need to bump up their audio in post. You can use rubber bands/keyframes or tools in an audio editor to achieve good, consistent volume.


      I use either camera audio from my B cam or a shotgun on my A camera for room audio and mix that in with the main channel as needed. It usually sounds better when recording singers, music, etc.


      I've just started stashing a Zoom H2n on/near the altar and have had good luck with it. (Any of the Zoom recorders should work alright.)


      Listen to each of your audio sources and use whichever sounds best for the varioius segments of the ceremony.


      Also, don't trust other people's audio sources or gear. Always make sure you've got your own trusted source with a backup.

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      First off, so sorry to piggyback off of this topic, but I have a dilemma and I'm not sure how to post my own topic on here. It keeps asking me to log in to post a topic, and I have done so, but am not seeing where to click to post my own other than the aforementioned button. Being that this topic is relative, I figured I would ask my question here in hopes that someone will see this and be able to answer my question.


      I am also doing my first wedding next week, and have been hit with a request from the bride & groom. The groom is very soft spoken, and so they asked if I had extra audio equipment to clip to him and the officiant, and to plug them into the DJ's mixer. I happen to have two wireless lav mics, that I am planning on hooking into the mixer, however, I also have a Zoom H4N, and a boom mic as well. I plan on attaching the boom to one of my cameras to capture ambient sounds, however, for the video itself, I was wondering if there was a way to record audio into the Zoom H4N from the wireless receivers that's going to be hooked into the mixer? If so, how would I go about this? 


      Also, should this not be possible, I know another option that I have heard is hooking the H4N directly into the DJ's mixer could work, but have heard horror stories on that as far as levels, etc., which is why I am trying to see if it's possible to capture from the receiver as opposed to this. As a last resort, should I have to hook into the board, how would I do this, and what cords, accentuator (if needed) would I need? Thanks in advance for all help received!



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      You could feed the wireless into the H4N and then feed that to the DJ.  That way. You could set all of your record  levels and then you are feeding the DJ instead if the other way around. 

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      I do mostly location sound recording and video is somewhat of a hobby for me. What the two have in common is that there are times when we have to share mic resources with a PA system ( with or without operator present ). In self defense I had to build a mic splitter box which uses a high quality transformer to split a mic signal into two destinations. ( There are transformers which will split a mic to more than two destinations ) The transformer virtually isolates each load from the other so that your recording device is immune to any foolishness perpetrated by the PA guy. My box has four transformers in it. They are not cheap . . . . but think of the possibilities! You can charge extra duty for your wireless mic rigs which could feed the PA and your H4 which can record up to four discreet auduio channels if I'm not mistaken.

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      @CVille, And that would record for the video as well as allow the people to hear the groom and officiant? Would I take the wireless and feed it into the back port and then feed the DJ from the XLR(s) at the bottom? For example, feed the cord from the wireless into the back, and get an Dual XLR to Dual RCA into the DJ's mixer. Would that work?

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