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      Curious to know what, if any, arrangements you have with photographers that you are willing to share? I have had good luck with networking with photographers in the past and have gotten plenty of referrals from them. However, I have had new photographers approch me asking about referral fees.  Have you all ever paid referrals?  If so how much?  Or do you just try and return the favor?  Thanks.

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      We made relationships with many different photographers who claim to refer us. I never heard of a referral fee though. I probably wouldn't pay it, but offer to refer them in return.

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      Depending on the quality of the refferals shelling out some cash isn't always a bad option when you can turn a profit, as well as, future refferals from the client.

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      We work with numerous wedding photographers in Toronto. 


      One of the photographer whom we work the most, pays us about $250 per client we refer him. He is very honest and always keen to his word. We work with him about 10 to 12 times a year.


      Most other photographers I have worked with never pays us, and we never bother asking just to keep a good relationship going. I would usually say, if a photographer approaches you for refererral and mentions compenstation, then is proper to discuss the amount. If not, I wouldn't do it.


      In terms of other photographeres who brings us business, there was only one time where we paid a referral fee. Which was only $100. We did just as a sign of good faith and to establish a continue business with them.


      In my honest opinion, however, you don't want to build a business based on referrals. Is best to devise a marketing strategy to reach your intended audience.


      Instead of other photographers, I would try to talk to some wedding planneres, they usually have a better clientele to refer to you.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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