Wedding Edits – How long?

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      Hey guys I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to wedding videography. I have just recently relocated to a new city and I have started a freelance contract with a production company.

      I have been asked to edit:
      1. feature edit 45 mins long (effects heavy)
      2. speeches edit (30mins) – multicam
      3. ceremony edit (70mins) multicam.

      I was wondering if anyone had a lot of experience doing these kind of edits and usually how long should this take? I just want a ball park figure so I know how much to charge.

      Any help would be really appreciated.



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      In my experience the best business practice is to charge by the hour rather than by the job. Give your client an estimate, but make it clear that you could be over or under by several hours. Let them know immediately if it looks like you’re going to go significantly over your estimate.

      For the job you’ve described, especially with the “effects heavy” caveat and the fact that this is a two camera shoot, I would estimate 10 to 15 hours. Unless you’ve done a shoot like this yourself you have no idea what you’ll be getting into: whether there is adequate “B” roll to cover poor camera work, the degree to which audio will have to be adjusted, whether there will be a lot of color correction to balance the two cameras, the nature of the effects requested and countless other unknowns.

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      I do weddings and I tell bride two weeks..And it takes every bit of that working in the evenings and two saturdays after my day job.

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      I agree: Give the Bride What She Wants!

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