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Hello videomakers, Some Weather Channel producer saw my video on You Tube and they want to license it for use in an upcoming Weather Channel series.  They offered me $50 OR giving me credit on the series for  my video.  What is normal when it comes to something like this?  $50 seems pretty low.  Also, the agreement  they sent over says that if they forget to give me credit, then too bad.  What should I do? 

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Be happy they offered you anything, take the $50 and go and have dinner.

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What type of video is it? $50 is somewhat in range for a generic royalty free license (for a 30-60 second clip) that you would see on pond5 or some other similar stock video site, but if the video is somewhat more unique, it could probably get a better price.  


If they are just going to use it pretty quickly in a segment, it might not be worth too much to them to use, so better to have $50 in your pocket than not?

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Read the agreement carefully. It probably gives them exclusive broadcast rights to it for a period of time or in perpetuity, which means no one else can broadcast it. They may also give themselves the right to license it out to other broadcasters and not pay you any royalty. If that's the case, are you OK with that?


Or maybe they just want it for a one time showing. When you've read the offer in detail post what you've found out. It would help all who read these forums.

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Pretty cool, congratulations!  I agree with Ed, just know what you're giving up before you commit either way...