washing a sound-reducer blanket

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      I am trying to figure out how do I washing a sound-reducer blanket, I have searched every and have not found any results. How to clean it if anyone can help that would be appreciated.

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      First we gotta find out exactly what a " sound reducer blanket " is.


      If it is what is nominally called a " furniture pad ", as commonly used by moving van outfits, ya gotts take it to a coin-operated laundramat and pop it into their jumbo tumbler-type machine, set for warm wash and gentle cycle with minimum detergent. You probably don't want to put more than one blanket at a time in the machine. Of course, drying the thing is another amtter!


      If it's NOT a furniture pad then we'll need a bit more description.


      Rick Crampton

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      This is what it loooks like except it does not have the rings around it

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