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      Has anybody using a Windows 7 pc ever tried to install an older version of Freemake Video Converter?
      I wanted a 2 year old version called, but when I install it, it magically turns into the very latest version called, (currently),
      My pc service engineer tried turning the internet off first, only to get a popup insisting that the internet must be kept on.
      Does anybody know how to procceed to get the wanted version straight off, please? Understand, I am a layman and need a detailed step by step explaination, what to do.
      There are several sites online offering older versions but they are meaningless if the customer always end up with the latest version!

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      Actually, there are many online apps can do the video conversion for you, such as zamzar, Acethinker Video Converter, mediaconverter, etc. They are totally free, and you don’t have to download or install anything.

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      The best video converter for me is named iTunes M4V Video Converter Mac. If you have purchased movies/TV shows from iTunes store, you may know all iTunes videos are in M4V which DRM protected, making it impossible to be played on non-Apple devices. Fortunately, now you can use this tool to remove DRM from iTunes and convert videos from M4V to MP4, MPG, MOV, FLV, AVI, MP3, etc with all audio tracks, subtitles at faster speed with zero loss quality. After conversion, it will be much easier for you to play all these videos on any devices freely.

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      In fact, You can also download the Tubemate video downloader to replace Freemake. Tubemate is provided by Devian Studio for free. You can visit their homepage: DevianStudio.net

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      And what makes you think they wanted a phone youtube downloader?

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      After trying a few software, honestly I think freemake is not powerful enough. I try it but it can’t convert iTunes movies, so I have to use DRmare iTunes movie converter for Windows to help me. It is an all in one software which supports to convert m4v, mp4 and a lot of other videos to new formats of videos MP4, MPEG, AVI, HEVC and so on.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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