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      We are posting on here as we have started to recieve a number of requests for Video Producers on the site to work on Music Videos, Kickstarter Video Campaigns etc There are new projects and opportunities posted up every day so get involved and find work! 


      Music Gateway is a new business platform – a free to register service that connects the people to the projects. Work opportunities and collaboration opportunities are delivered on a world-wide scale to all those involved in the process of making music. We’re not about followers, we’re not about social media, we’re about making music with others and creating work opportunities. 


      It's free to sign up to us and to post a project. Create a profile and pitch yourself to Music Gateway users and show them why they should work/collaborate/hire with you. 


      Sign Up Today: http://www.musicgateway.net/


      Here is a project looking for a video producer currently to make a music video (apologies if this link has expired as we have a set time frame for projects being advertised) – http://www.musicgateway.net/project/3072-Monsoon-Rain


      We hope to see you on Music Gateway! 


      Kind regards,

      Jonathan Bond @ Music Gateway


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