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      I run a small production company, doing mostly sports filming and interviews. I have used the Sony HVR-Z5u for about 3 yrs now, and though I love it, I need something new. A few of the problems I have had with this camera is it doesn’t shoot great in low light, and is very heavy (after holding it for 10 hrs at a time on occasions) it is also kind of bullky. I need something more compact, lighter, a good zoom on it, and shoots great in low light. I was looking at the Canon Mark III, and a few Sonys, but wanted to here the opinons of fellor editors out there. To get a better understanding of the footage I shoot, check out my channel: https://vimeo.com/geoffriccio/videos

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      Hi scrode – I just watched the Battle of the WUs – great shots and a fabulous edit.  But yes, I think you need a new camera.


      Going to a Canon 5D Mark III from a camcorder is probably not a good idea, in my view.  The camera has no XLRs, no power zoom, no autofocus and no viewfinder.  You can buy accessories to fix the mic input and viewfinder problems – but you can't fix the lack of autofocus or power zoom.


      If you want a large sensor camcorder in the $3000 price range, I have a couple of recommendations.  The first is the $2725 (after $600 mail in rebate) Sony NEX-EA50.  It is a real camcorder with XLR inputs, autofocus and a power zoom, but it also has interchangeable lenses, if  you have a low light situation and need faster glass.  It also has a built-in shoulder mount, so it will be easier to carry around the gym.



      Here is what it looks like:




      And here is what this camera can do:


      Outdoor Sports:










      Short film:





      If you don't want to carry around a shoulder mount camera – or you don't want to deal with interchangeable lenses, I recommend the little $1298 Sony RX10 with its 1 inch sensor and built in 8.3x constant f2.8 power zoom lens – plus a $798 Sony XLR adapter to give you pro mic inputs.  This camera produces amazing 1080/60p video in a very small package.


      The photo on the right shows what it looks like with the XLR adapter (and a monitor) on it:


      Here is what this camera can do in the gym:















      Hope this is helpful!



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