VTR for Sony DXC-D35

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      My employer bought a Sony DXC-D35 along with its accompanying CCU box (specifically the Sony CCU-M5). Everything is in good working condition, and I’ve successfully set up the camera through the CCU so that I can see an image on the viewfinder.

      Now all we need is a way to get footage from this old beast.

      The manual (from the web) for the Sony DXC-D35 indicates that we need a VTR, and that when using the camera through the CCU, the way to begin recording is to turn on the VTR that should be connected to the CCU.

      The CCU takes has an S-Video connector for output, as well as three of the type of AV ports that are also used on security cameras — I think they’re for RGB channels.

      Anyone know what kind of equipment we need? Do I need a DVCam or Mini-DV tape deck, and if we buy something like that, what do I need to look at to ensure that it will be compatible?

      Even then, I imagine we might need another piece of equipment to adapt to USB so we can put the footage onto my workstation PC.

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