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      I AM FASHA



      New to the site and hope that I post this in the correct forum.  Im having a problem with the audio of footage playing faster than the video.  What kind of info would I need to provide you guys with so that you can help me?

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      Where is this happening, on a video player or editor? If it’s on a player, that may be your problem, not all are equal, especially if you downloaded it off the internet for free. The player included with my tablet didn’t play every format so I tried another hoping to solve the problem. It may play more formats but it did it very badly. If it’s happening on an editor there may be a quick fix for it depending on your editor. I’ve never seen this happening on an editor so I’m assuming it’s a player. You may have to shop around for a good player (remember, you get what you pay for). I don’t use them much so I don’t have any recommendations myself. Hope this helped.

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      I AM FASHA

      Its a DXG Model301 v 3.2 mega pixels DVC/MPEG4 handy cam.  When I record and do the play back on the handy cam, all is good.  When I transfer the footage to my laptop and play it with Applian FLV all is good. But once I load it into Studio HD that is when the voice lags or plays faster than the video.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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