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      Hey everyone! I just joined and I hAve a really odd question that I can’t really find info for on the Web but here it goes.

      I use Nvidia Shadow play to record my video games and make movies and such. The issue I have is really thatI can record a solid 60 fps in game at 1080p and the shadow play records whatever desktop resolution I’m at with a fps of 60. Now this is where I’m at a bit of a loss. Let’s say I record a video and the in game FPS is around 50 ish, still smooth since the fps doesn’t jump around but the recorded video details show a video of 60 fps. How will this impact my editing in that will there be any odd issues like audio sync or something when the 50 fps jumps to 60…or even let’s say I hit as low as 40 how will that impact the final video output of 60 fps when played back or edited? Any help would be appreciated.

      My specs are : 2x GTX 970 Gpu, 8 core 4 ghz amd fx processor, 26 gigs of ram…

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