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      Hi there,

      I recently submitted some videos to a stock agency and most of them were rejected because they said they were compressed too much and some were low quality in a ‘technical sense’. I shot them all in 1080p 60fps, edited them in iMovie and saved them as .mov so that they could be uploaded.

      I am not sure how they got compressed or what the problem is. How do I shoot high quality video or edit the video without getting it compressed? What do they mean, ‘in a technical sense’…my angles?

      I am just beginning this journey and I am not super technical yet. Thank you very much for your help.

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      I would address these questions to the stock agency. Ask what format they want video to be delivered in — e.g., mp4, mp2, avi, mov, etc., — and what they mean by “low quality in a technical sense.” Are they saying that your composition is lousy and you have poor shot selection, or that your images are shaky and you should be using a tripod? Without answers from the agency to questions such as these, you’re playing in a game whose rules you haven’t been supplied.

      Good luck.

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      and also which flavour of the formats Jack mentioned. When I have a finished project in Premiere, the options I have for exporting that file are huge. 1080 in 60fps can have HUGE file sizes, I’d guess you chose a more economical preset and threw away much of your quality. Lots of people complain about Vimeo and Youtube, who process their material, making it worse still.

      What format did you end up with and at what specification. They all have high to low bitrates and various compression systems.

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      AvatarKevin Mc

      And also – how many megabits per second are you shooting at? If the source footage has a low Mbps rate, it can be upscaled mildly, but it is what it is. I shot for Footage Firm for a while. They insist on using a tripod. They don’t necessarily want pans and zooms – just good steady shots.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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