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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      Videomaker is looking for individuals passionate about video production who would like to make some extra money writing an occasional blog. 

      Think you can put together 600-900 words on shooting, lighting, sound, editing, motion graphics, video equipment or just about anything else video related? We want to talk with you.

      Shoot us an email at with a sample of your writing and a brief history of your involvement with video production.

      We look forward to hearing from you!

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      Hi Mike


      Like a year ago I contacted Videomaker regarding the same thing. I never receive any follow up so I let it go. I'm still interested in contributing a little more to Videomaker (I know it will be fun). Will wait for a reply here before contacting via email. I already got a few post in mind, one in particular with a solution for an error in a Sony NP-F970 battery which I still can't believe it worked. 


      Looking forward to hear back from you.



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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      Hi Iomaymi-

      We'd love to hear your ideas. Please shoot us an email and we can chat.

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      Hi Mike,

      I have sent you an email as well! Hope to hear from you soon,


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      I might be up for it!  Do you have some examples of the writing style that you're looking for? (personal, factual or technical). Being a graphic artist for 20 years before adding video as a second string to my bow and sliding sideways into online video production for websites may give me a slightly different point of view than many of your readers, do you think that would be an issue?.


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      I've got some writing experience (I was an editor at The Humanist for a few years), and I'm very enthusiastic about doing video work. I'll work up a portfolio/sample set over the weekend.


      What sort of blog entriues are you interested in? You seem to have a prettyy good crew of writers already. 

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      i am highly interested are you invite me?

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      Hi Mike,

      My name is Fredrik. I been a freelancing copywriter for a couple of years and been writing for several video production companies. I saw that your post is almost 3 years old but I´m wondering if this is still on the table?

      If so you´ll find references of my work at

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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      That isn't an issue at all. In fact, you have some ideas for blogs centered around motion graphics, we'd love to hear them. Shoot them over to

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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      Thanks for the reply, Brian. We're looking for either insight into the video prudction and filmmaking industry (opinion, observations, commentary, etc), or production tips that can be distilled down into a few steps or bullet points (e.g., "How to Light an Interview in 5 Steps," or "10 Tips for Better Screen Writing"). If you're interested, please shoot an email to

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