Videomaker Challenge 5 – A Needle For Speed

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      AvatarJoe Dorr

      This is my first video in two ways: first it is my first video made for a competition, and second, it is my first comic video. The competition is with Videomaker magazine/web site and the challenge is to record video that is intended to play in reverse order. If you wonder how I threaded the needles so quickly in the last clip, that is the clip that is playing in reverse. I was actually pulling the threads out of the needles.

      The audio was created by setuniman and downloaded from

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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      I love it! Very creative! I'll try to get this to the front page tomorrow.

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      What a clever way to show reverse action. How fun!

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      very cool concept!

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      AvatarGreg Olson

      Great concept that totally nailed the concept!  Great Work

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      Wish I knew about this earlier, great video! I'm defintly going to try submit a reverse clip by tomorrow!

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      AvatarJoe Dorr

      I watched the video once more on youtube and was disappointed in the sound, so I posted it with louder sound at

      Let me know if you are able to point the challenge to the new upload to youtube with the statements in the previous post to Videomaker. If so, then I will delete the youtube post with low volume.



Viewing 5 reply threads
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