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      Wondering if i could get some help with video editing, i have this video and i want another video to be placed over it but in a corner, now this video looks odd becuase the top video has no bored or anything around it is there away to get a border around it or something around it to make it look better?

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      Do you have a clip of this so I can see exactly how you mean? I can envision "Something" but not ure if what i see is exactly what you mean…. I have done something like this myself.. but again.. depends on how exactly you mean it.


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      Damian, there are a number of ways to add a border around your picture in picture, but it depends on the program. On of the easiest ways is to layer a border area, like a black rectangle a little larger than your second video, on your main video and then layer your smaller video on top of the black rectangle. You will need 3 times lines to do that. How 'exactly' you do that, and even if your editing program allows that, is editing program dependent.

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      I am using premiere pro cs6, thanks for your help. I just made a rectangle in photoshop in size of the screen and then just make the size of the video fit to its size.

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      In Prem Pro cs6 you can either select New item, Color matte. size to suit and place video on top, or go to titler and make a colored box the color and size to suit and place video on top. Once you are happy you can nest the video and border (color matte or box) this keeps the two together so you can move and resize as one unit.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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