Video to Final Cut Pro to Youtube – QUESTION!

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      I was wondering where I am going wrong here…I’ve researched this following subject, but couldn’t find an answer. I am trying to record video on my Sony HDR-CX240 camcorder, then import into Final Cut Pro 7, then upload to Youtube.

      I’m shooting footage at 1920×1080 at 60p. Then converting .MTS file with MacX, importing MP4 into Final Cut Pro 7. I imported on file into Final Cut and the beach ball appeared (that’s just one video bogging down my computer). Mac OS 10.8.5, 8 core with 12GB ram. I read that I shouldn’t use H.264, but should use Apple Prores. Prores is not showing up as a choice, only NTSC or HD.


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      So all you need to do is render out the video as it sits on timeline, then open up web Browser, surf on over to Youtube, sign in and click upload. I have been using many NLE Video Editing Program and that upload to Youtube link never works on any of them.

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