Video Taping from a remote site

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      I just joined the site and would like to see if anyone can assist me with my delima. I'm fairly certain that the issue is straight forward for most of you but I have no idea what I am doing.

      Here is the need.

      My company produces educational videos which we then package and sell on our website, we are trying to reduce video production costs which are frequently quite high as all of our authors/speakers live in different areas of the country so travel and housing is a big expense. What we would like to do is have our author produce content in their studio (green Screen) and live stream it to us at our studio where we can record the video, edit etc without the need for travel.

      Does this technology exist? Can it provide high quality video? what parts and pieces would I need to perform something like this? Would I need to hire someone with expertise in this area, if so where would I find an individual like that?

      I'm sure I have other questions that I'm not thinking to ask so any help I can get to point me in the right direction would be appreciated.

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      My opinion.. Why not get some freelance videographers? Why not travel to them? You will have to look at the cost compared to your company doing it and a freelancer. I see some issues with your with your post, as I do not know what kind of training material your company produces. Not everyone of your authors/speakers will have a studio or easy access to one. Let alone all the lighting and green screen knowledge. The freelancer could just record the presentation and send your company the raw files and then your company can do the post production. For my job, I found it is easier and in most cases cheaper for me to go to them, but have used freelancers for some.  

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      If you are going to edit, which live stream? Surely they record in their green screen and then either ftp it, or even drop box the video files – that way you could process the video file – if they stream it, with the compression it's going to have a negative impact on the keying sharpness. Does it really need to be live? Streaming full bandwidth HD video is rather dependent on the in to out throughput of the entire chain. even the broadcasters struggle with compressed streams.

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      Hi – I can help you out. I run a managed videographer service nationwide. My professional videographers are vetted and I book jobs for them. This service is free as the videographer discounts to me to be able to book assignments for them. If you give me a location to do a shoot, we book it, shoot it and deliver footage to you (or we can edit it).

      Reach out to me at:"> and our website is:

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