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      I have been looking a quite a bit of real estate videos. Since I am mostly wanting to do the Luxury market, that is my still market, I need my videos to be of that caliber. I know I am not going to be there right off the bat but I want to start with the gear that will give me the best results. I know when I started off in still photography I started with all the less expensive equipment but found myself seeing the advantages or the more expensive equipment. I am not saying I want to go out and spend thousands on video equipment but what I have noticed is that that higher end video don’t really use sliders and video pan heads. They are using camera stabilizers and gliding over counter tops and panning around corners, very smoothly I might add. This seems to produce a much more compelling video that the aforementioned techniques. So my question is, what stabilizer would you recommend for under $800? Any comments on the Ronin-M by DJI?

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      I have no idea why I am getting this message. This is a really annoying forum so far.

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