Video Stabilization Software for Aerial Video

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      Can anyone recommend a good program for stabilizing moving aerial video that is simple to use and does not degrade resolution?
       I've tried Mercalli but it takes out too much resolution. I have after effect but the tutorials indicates you need a fixed point in the frame to focus on and I have moving aerial video I am working with. Thanks in advance.
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      All stabilization involves degredation of some type whether it's pixel interpolation or scaling.  That said, I'm constantly blown away by the optical stabilization in After Effects.  It's super easy to stabilize a clip.



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      Hi p1frank – since you've already tried Mercalli and After Effects, I would try Muvee Turbo Video Stabilizer ($20 as of this post at Amazon).


      Here is what it can do:






      Hope this is helpful,



      Hybrid Camera Revolution

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      Missed your mention of AE.  Wrong tracker for what youre doing…  Effects, Warp, deform, warp stabilizer.  Super cool and easy.  We use it all the time to stabilize handheld footage and make it look almost like steadycam.



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      AvatarDaniel Bruns

      Great question p1frank! Brian is right. As long as your background isn't moving incredibly fast, After Effect's Warp Stabilizer effect is definitely the way to go especially if you've shot your footage on a DSLR. I've used it on many a shaky wedding video to great effect – even for pan and tilt shots. The trick is to tell the Warp Stabilizer in After Effects (or in Premiere for that matter) that the clip is in "motion" rather than static or "no motion." There is a drop down menu in the Warp Stabilizer plugin where you can select this option. In addition, Warp Stabilizer has a ton of parameters that you can set which allow you to fine tune the "best" (with shaky video there is never a perfect, only a best) settings for your video. You can even tell Warp Stabilizer how much cropping you're comfortable with and how much scale and it will fix the video accordingly.


      That being said, you could also try a peice of software called vReveal: It has a well-priced stabilizer that may be your best path to success. I've never used this tool extensively so you'll probably want to download a trial first before purchasing the full product to see if it performs as well as you'd like.


      Also, if you're using Final Cut Pro, there is a filter called SmoothCam which does an incredible job at reducing shake in video even if the original background does move out of frame over time. You might also want to consider using that plugin as well.


      In the end, it comes down to personal preference, budget, and workflow considerations before you'll know which plugin is the right one to purchase. I'll admit, it's not fun to be tasked with fixing shaky video but if you keep realistic expectations, you won't be disappointed. Good luck!



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      Take a look at ProDRENALIN – it is a tool for action cameras, but maybe it will meet your requirements. Easy to use…

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      At the risk of sounding redundant, I've been happy with the results of Warp Stabilizer in AE. It has an option where it rebuilds the edge of your shaky video with pixels from other surrounding frames to minimize or eliminate in some cases the loss of image size through scaling.


      I used it for a single shot, three and a half minute walk through of a local store for their website and was pleased with the results. I was not pleased with the massive render time with AVCHD, though. I haven't tried it with other file types and will  likely convert AVCHD to a more edit friendly format in the future for this work. It also comes in Premiere CS6 now. (Or Creative Cloud… whatever. That's a whole different issue…)

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