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I'm searching video software which can export following ...
I have on the time line 25 clips (exporting to one movie is no problem) but I want to export all the 25 clips individual with 1 click.
Which program is able to do that ?

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You should be able to do this in Sony Vegas 13, and although I haven't used it, in Magix's Vegas 14 and 15. Create a folder for the images to be saved to, select "Render as Image Sequence" in the render options, and sit back and wait.

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I vary between Windows Movie Maker and Adobe Premiere with After Effects, but it depends on what I'm doing. They basically work the same, it's just some things are easier to do in some programs than others. For example adding multiple video and audio tracks is a pain in WMM - it can be done but it's a horrible process.

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If you mean that you want to export all 25 clips as individual ones in a different format than the original, yes, Vegas Pro can do this with a built-in option called Batch Render. I know it works because I use it a lot.


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Yeah i'm not sure aslo about this

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Try VideoScribe it is also a good software which enable you to make great videos and it also enables you to make white board animation.