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Hi, I am a beginner in this thing and i am a music lover. So i want to start making videos for my you tube channel. My question might sound stupid but hope you won't mind giving me the right advice. So my question is - how do i record guitar and vocal using audio interface while i shoot the video at the same time. I can record my audio(guitar and vocal) using audio interface(focusrite solo) connected to ipad/iphone but how do i record the video also at the same time using its camera? Can i do that or do i have to use an external video recorder and then sync audio and video later on?? For example Focusrite has this product called itrack pocket, an interface with guitar input, in-built microphone and a cable that connects it to iphone/ipad, which helps in recording your audio and video at the same time. But the problem with this is i cannot connect external microphone(for better vocal recording). So, i want to upgrade a little. Please advice me how do i do that.

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Could you plug your Guitar and Microphone into a 6 or 8 Channel mixer, then feed the Audio Out to your Phone's MIC Jack. That might be what is needed. Those Audio mixers also come with Headphone jack for you to listen to the Audio feed.
Or you could Buy a Camcorder, shoot the video with that and use your phone to record the Audio. A simple Clap of the Hands in front of the camera and near your Mic would be good enough for syncing up Audio and Video on the Timeline of a Non linear Video Editing Program on a Desktop Computer.


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