Video recording first person unboxing

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      Hi all. Searched Google for a video information forum and found this place. I want to do something I can’t seem to figure out and looking for some help.

      I am looking to make first person unboxing videos like the examples here: <-- best one exactly what I want.

      As you can see in these videos it's like first person. I tried to do it with my camera "Samsung NX1" but I can't reach around it with comfort. Nor do I have space to reach and place the items down because the lowest zoom (standard normal) is way to close so I have to move the camera back and it just does not work.

      I know it's a strange question and if you don't understand it, I'll explain it a bit more if possibly.

      Thanks for the help.

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      Place your camera, on its tripod, behind your right shoulder so the camera is shooting over your shoulder and onto your desk or table. This will allow you to show the “un-boxing” as though through your eyes. Connect the camera to your TV or a similar monitor so you can see what the camera is seeing.

      The NX1 should allow you to frame up this shot without any difficulty.

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      Thanks for the reply Jack. I will defiantly try this. I had it behind me but it just was not working. Will give this a try thanks so much.

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      Juan, why don’t you give us a sample of your video and what you think the problems are. We might be able to help you better if we can see it. In the meantime, these tips might help you as well.

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      I did an unboxing video, with the camera in front of me. I had it fixed to a mini tripod, then just propped it under my chin. The problem I had was that I was continually looking at the screen, to see if the objects were in view every time my hands moved around. As a result, I was handling the unboxing in a clumsy manner.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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