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Hi everyone, I would like to ask you if I get better quality with format H.264 or AVCHD? Does exist better setting then that? Thank you for reply.'s picture
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try 4k

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AVCHD and MP4 are variations within the h264 standard. With AVCHD you can record up to a bit rate of 28Mbps. With MP4, 35Mbps. Each one also encodes the audio with a different codec. If you want to shoot HD, and not 4K, I would suggest MP4 at 1080p, 50fps, 35Mbps. A lot depends on the camera and the quality of it's optics.

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NONE, HOWEVER read this first; The best codec to encode in 2017 is the H.265 or HEVC. Google-it.
Something you need to know this is only to be used ONCE you have finished rendering your "final product" or "final video" you must use sofware like Adobe Media Encoder or Sorenson Squeeze to Reencode or "repack" your final video and also don't expect once encoded in H.265 or HEVC you can use it in your video editing program to edit it. YOU CAN'T. It doesn't work to edit. So in essence you do need to render your final product in any of the H.264 or AVCHD FIRST, and then and after use a video compression application as mentioned to 'bake' your final product. Something else to keep in mind is that not all video compression software produce H.265. I hope this helps.