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      Hi everyone,

      I would like to ask you if I get better video quality with H.264 or with AVCHD? Alternatively, does exist some another better settings?

      Thank you for reply

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      I usually use H.264 due to its compatability and high qualitys.

      Resolution: 1920×1080
      Bit Rate: 20

      Audio Encoding
      44.1kHz AAC Format
      Mono/Stereo (doesn’t matter) at 128 kbps

      These are the highest settings for 1080p UltraHD

      Though if you are putting these up online, the only website that can comparably show off the HD quality is NetFlix, being that the MB/s isn’t fast enough, thus it converts it to the highest standard they can do.

      Also, if you want a more fluid motion, if you are using Premiere Pro, make sure to check Frame Blending, makes it more fluid in the viewers eyes.

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      I’m a little late to this discussion, but thought I should add a comment considering the level of the other comments. Firstly, your question is not very specific. Are you talking about input or output? Secondly, AVCHD is a file based format for recording and playback of HD digital video and H264 is the video compression standard used by AVCHD when encoding the video.
      If you were asking about output then you would most likely have mentioned container formats, so am guessing you are referring to input. Many cameras offer a choice between MP4 and AVCHD, so that is most likely the question you meant to ask. If so, then the answer is also not clear cut, as it depends on the implementation by the camera. However, AVCHD will usually offer higher bit rates and therefore potentially better quality.

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      I use a Canon G40. It will record AVCHD at a maximum of 28Mbps. It also records MP4 at a maximum of 35Mbps. As it uses the Cabac compression scheme for both AVCHD and MP4, Canon state that MP4 will yield a higher quality picture, ie. higher bit rate more detail. However, many cameras do not use Cabac for MP4 recordings, so AVCHD may be a better format to use.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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