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Video production training question

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    Hello everyone, my name is Kenny Taylor, I live in Cullman, Alabama and this is my first post to this group forum. I strolled across this site looking for information regarding video production and shooting techniques.

    Career wise, I’m a Paramedic supervisor and aside from farming, healthcare is all I know. As a kid however, I could have possibly been the first one to utilize 5.1 surround with nothing more than a mono cable. Lol. I have always been fascinated with the engineering involved in sound and in some ways video. Life intervened and it was healthcare that I set my feet in.

    Most recently, I have started in with the sights and sounds ministry at our church. While I don’t have anything to compare my church to others with, I am impressed of the huge emphasis on video and sound production for adults, youth and child services. All three have their own sets and is streamed in HD on LCD’s and large projection screens throughout the church. In the main service we have snippets of what is happening throughout the other services so everyone is involved someway.

    I will admit that my short time spent on the camera has renewed some of my youthful interest, but when it boils down to true experience, I don’t have much more knowledge than turning the camera on. lol So, to get to the point, if I were to decide to take some classes, which type of classes would those be and in what type of order? I know this is a rather wide question, but essentially, as someone who has just got their feet wet, what can I do to learn the aspects of video production from taping the cables down to editing content for distribution?

    I’m not really looking for a mid-life career change, but don’t mind stepping up to the plate to take classes as to help with our video production needs at our church. I’m sure most of this I will learn by simple time and dedication to working with those who already do this each week, but still, I often wonder what type of educational opportunities I might could jump on to make me a better at what I do.

    All the best,


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    Welcome to the forums.  You have come to a great place for information. I'm sure others will chime in on the subject but here are a couple of my sources for information. 

    Video maker magazine is a good place to start.  They also offer a some good DVD training. 

    Also one of my favorite books is "The Filmmakers Habdbook" A comprehensive guide for the digital age.  It is a wealth of information. 

    Good luck


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    Howdy Kenny,

    I'm Larry and I now volunteer ( something that churches never have enough of) in the video dept. we're a pretty big church so we live webcast the service, you can check with whoever is in charge of the video production in your church and start to talk to them. Our church has a media program

    and once every couple of years put on a training program for video and radio, this is how I got the basics down in video production, the head of our video dept. is retired from advertizing production

    and is a proffesional who I consider a friend, By going through the training I vounteered and now run one of the live cameras during our wedensday eve services which are webcast live on our site.

    If you have your camera already, you can ask if there are any ministries that need video done and do it on a volunteer basis, This is how I have gotten into doing video for our childrens ministy, they have some very talented people who develop day-glow puppet show to teach the kids the basics

    of faith, I shoot and produce videos of them on DVD's and then post the videos on as christian video website, the production that they put on arevery well produced so they get quite a few hits on that site. keep after it brother.

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    Kenny greetings from PA. I too am a paramedic turned CRNA and find myself doing video for work. I learned most of my video techniques esp with post production on not to support one company or another but they have easy videos (much like service manuals) on how to accomplish typical tasks in shooting and post production. They cover almost all programs and much equipment. You can even find a video on how to do a medical video in AE. It costs little money that is well spent. I also just google any questions I have i.e. "cool lower thirds" and get plenty of inspiration. I am not a video professional I am an urban area medic.  I video conferences and unless you into really cool science (which I am) the rote video needs to be spiced up a little. Hope this helps and stay safe,

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    Wild idea to even think about returning to school being 42 years old. Stupid idea I know, but to be honest, I find the engineering behind the camera to be fascinating. I often regret not taking an electrical or IT engineering path when I first started school.


    Thankfully, our church is full of mentors and even more so the sights and sounds area seems full with enough electronics to keep anyone busy for a long time learning the ropes. We are about a 1500 member church and busting at the seams with three services each week all being packed out with a HD video stream sent down to another building for overflows. These guys down in “The Rock” as we call it also have their own music ministry with video until the main service start when the video from the main service then starts streaming to them.


    While nothing has been officially said yet, I feel we are on the very edge of either rebuilding, or starting a second huge renovation. Heck even the last huge renovation was done less than 5 years ago or so and we already have outgrown that space. I’m hoping by then I’ll have my feet wet with enough experience to be a resource to the ministry. I can’t imagine a rebuild on the scale they are talking about to not to include adding 2-3 more camera stations to the ones we already have in place. It will be awesome to be a part of that growth and development.


    Thanks for the above replies. I’ll get busy digging in some of these old threads and at least try to familiarize myself with some of the terminology used. Between the youth, children and weekly video announcements, I know there will be ample opportunity to go up there and sit in on some recordings along with getting some camera time in during the services.


    All the best,



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    Occasionally it would be well to get a worthy book for video production because it would possibly indication step by step on how to produce a good video and it regularly would include a CD which includes programs, code, instructions, and so on. Which would help you to pick up video production and make your own video.

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