Video Production for Marketing – tips?

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      Does anyone have any good tips for video marketing?

      We've put together 6 things to keep in mind;

      Video can be used for a variety of purposes. Demo videos for specific products, event videos to highlight services, interviews with experts and client testimonials can all be used to reach potential customers. As a result, they are relevant for almost any audience, no matter the age, gender or background.

      Google loves video. Having video on your website can help boost your site up the search rankings, increasing click through rate, and hopefully boosting your sales. It can also help your business rank on YouTube, another popular method of search, again increasing your companies online profile.

      Video is the perfect partner to the increasing dominance of social media. With visual media attracting more attention than large blocks of text, videos are more likely to be viewed and shared, getting your message across much more effectively.

      Video has also been praised for being an effective way of representing a brand. It can present a more personable image of a company, and can better portray emotion through a storytelling narrative than other, more traditional forms of marketing.

      The increasing use of mobile devices for search, along with larger mobile data allowances, means that video is reaching more people than ever. When using a small screen, long blocks of text can be overwhelming, and are often ignored. Instead, video can be used to present information more effectively to more people, as devices are able to adjust the picture to fit the specific screen size.

      Having a fast-loading and professional video can build trust in a brand. If done well, it can present a company or product as current, and be more memorable to consumers.


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      thank you for sharing

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      Tom Hydra nothing wrong with your marketing spill, all sound good. When selling I was taught its important to make "proof statements" words alone don't constitute a proof statement  (e.g."I'm going to jump over the moon tonight"). 

      The following stasticts maybe usefull:  (i)  90% of information processed by the brain is visual (ii) 95% of video information is retained compared to text (iii) Information retained in one minute of video is equal to about 1.9 million written words.  There are multiple  studies were similar stastical information relating to video has been published (by universitys and others) and availabe on the web,

      Trust this helps.



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