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      Hi All

      I ve started a private limited company with a small budget but i want to do TV comercials adds so

      so how to get that kind of contracts. how to approach them

      can anyone sugest me.


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      "TV commercials" covers a wide range of material and costs. According to the American Association of Advertising Agencies a 30 second commercial on The Big Bang Theory costs $344,837. The national average for network ads is $342,000. At the other end of this spectrum are local cable ads that may go for as little as $25 to $15 for a 30 second spot.

      You don't indicate where on this spectrum you contemplate placing yourself and your company; the "small budget" part of your question suggests somewhere at the lower end, however. You have at least two approaches to getting business. You can approach local companies that already have commercials on local or regional stations and persuade them that your work is better than what they are getting now and that working with you will save them money while improving their marketing. Be aware that many of these companies have ads that are part of an advertising campaign developed by an ad agency which controls every bit of content and production. Wresting business away from the agency will probably prove all but impossible.

      A second, more likely approach would be to contact companies that do not presently have a commercial presence on broadcast or cable television and persuade them to let you develop a commercial for them. I speak from experience when I tell you that this approach is difficult. You're asking a business owner to put up hundreds or more likely thousands of dollars in production costs as well as the cost of running the commercial. Chances are he or she hasn't done this sooner because of the cost involved.

      Take a look at ads running on national, regional and local TV and cable networks and ask yourself  if you have the experience and resources to produce ads of this quality. Then do your homework:  find out who to contact for ad placement and the costs involved, estimate your labor and production costs, select a couple of local companies you believe could benefit from TV advertising and make your pitch.

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      Mary RC

      ^^sage advice^^

      Mary RC

      Pro Media Makeup Artist,

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