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      Hi everyone,

      I’ve spent the past couple of years writing a book aimed at people fresh to offering their production services on a professional basis.

      I found that a lot of business and marketing books don’t always serve people in the creative industries especially well. Our businesses have nuances and eccentricities that more formal ‘corporate’ professions don’t. It’s a book about how to run an effective and profitable production company (or one-man operation) that will last – how to find work, how to pitch, how to maintain good client communication, the strategies pros have in place to avoid pitfalls etc.

      Most of the book is written from my own experience (almost 20 years) in the production industry – but I’m hoping for anecdotal contributions from others in the video business to add to my own. For example:

      * A shoot that would have gone terribly wrong if you hadn’t done ‘x’.
      * A client who chose you over a competitor because you really understood ‘x’.
      * How you retain a major client by the amazing way you do ‘x’ for them.
      * A tale of woe when a client turned into a nightmare and you were justified in walking away.
      * A tale of a healthy client relationship that has just got better with time… what’s the secret?

      Naturally, I’m happy to attribute all contributions – even ‘top tip’ style soundbites. I’m hoping to get this published next year.

      Many thanks in advance,

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      I just contribute a small tale from the production house where I used to work. It was a very rushing commercials filming project. The final storyboard was confirmed at 2am and we start the shoot at 5am on the same day. Luckily we prepared all the equipment and props we need in advance. But the director had to make shooting timetable on set and in the meantime is the set up. During the shoot, client asked for extra things and extra shots. We had our production crew run around to find and buy those extra, without raising extra costs. The shoot finished at 7am the next day, we was shooting all night. In the end client really appreciated our work and told us: “I just feel so comfortable to work with you, cause you have solutions for almost everything and make impossible things possible”

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