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      Is it possible to make a video like this

      with an iphone and video editing software?

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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      Of course it can be done, but you will also need good lighting. I believe you already have an iPhone, but what computer and editing software do you currently have?


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      Hi Iomaymi,


      I have a basic PC, Sony Vaio. I'm not sure what type up editing software to use, also would I need a backdrop?


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      Wow,… while your sample video appears quite basic, however, it is made up of a number of sophisticated techniques. You can probably get close, but you will need to work fairly hard to come up with a pro looking product. That being said, don't be discouraged. With a few basic techniques, you will surprise yourself on how well it can turn out. As Lowmaymi says, you will need good lighting. The next most inportant thing is good sound. I believe the iPhone allows you to add an external microphone. You will need to check into that. You can use a white bedsheet to give you the apple look background. There are plenty of instructional videos out there on that. Lighting is the key to this looks. The graphics appear to be a combination of adobe type animation graphics and editing software titles and lower 3rd's ( The boxes at the bottum with text). Also very important will be to get a tripod mount for your iphone and a tripod. You can probably use Windows Movie Maker to handle your basic editing tasks. There is also free or low cost editing software available. I think there is even a few app for editing right in your camera.



      Spend a few minutes looking through the Videomaker and other online resources. They have plenty of articles and videos to show you how to handle all the tasks mentioned above. If you get stuck, check back here. I am sure you will get plenty more tips.

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      I believe this can be done with a software program called Camtasia Studio. It is designed for producing educational and demonstration videos, usually based on screen capture. However it will allow video import and has a number of "built-in" features for titling and graphics. It is around $500+, but then so are most software packages that have these capacities. The advantage to Camtasia Studio is that much of the "learning curve" required to produce this in Adobe Premiere/After Effects, Sony Vegas, or Apple Final Cut Pro is already in the application.

      In any case, if you are just interested in doing something as a one-off, the cost of this level of production is probably not worth it. You can get a similar look out of lower-priced software, but this was clearly professionally produced, and most likely was shot with a pro-camera on a tripod in a studio. Just my opinion. 

Viewing 4 reply threads
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