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      Hi Folks,

      I do a lot of corporate video work, and part of the process involves placing the videos online for client review. I prefer using something like Dropbox, as I often have many short videos to upload, and it just make the process easier. Unfortunately, Dropbox has a 15 minute streaming limit. Even on the paid account. Onedrive does not have this limitation, but renders video poorly in a browser. A long time issue with Onedrive apparently. Google drive also has issues with sharing video content. Sure, I could use Youtube, or Vimeo, but it just adds more work.

      I’m sure there are others that do similar work. Anyone found a better solution?

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      I use my Amazon S3 account and stream the video through a password protected section of my website. that way I control every aspect of it. and its really not expensive


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      I mainly used Dropbox for client review and Vimeo for longer videos. I don’t have any problems with my method so far.

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