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      Hello everyone!

      I’m new to the forums and have a general question.

      I have a question regarding a video, but not sure if I am allowed to post or where to post in the forum. Its a Adult video, and want to know about a flash or transition effect used in the preview.

      The video is 7 seconds long.

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      It sounds like you’re talking about a transition that simulates the film flash or light noise that was generated when a film camera would ramp down, stop, and then start up on the next take. I sometimes do this in my videos for a quick transition, usually to break up a talking head shot rather than having the speaker’s head do a jump between cuts.

      Many editing systems call this “dip to color”, “fade to color”, or something like that. Choose a short duration, about 10 frames, then make the dip-to color white. But better would be a built-in transition. Final Cut X has two: “Flash” and “Light Noise”. Either one sounds like what you’re looking for.

      Chris Sebes

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