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      Greetings folks,

      I'm a comedian who records performances so I can see what went well during a set and what needs some work. I'm looking for software that can avoid me some hassle in having my resources scattered in seperate places, specifically notes and video. Is a program which integrates the two, so I could write notes and pin them into the video, essentially creating one project out of things that would be seperated?


      What I am describing is not unlike how Youtube allows users to post messages in pop-up boxes during play. I cannot imagine that this is an unheard of feature in editing software so I thought I'd ask you all about this. I'm looking for some pretty basic software, preferably something inexpensive or free. Let me know if you have any ideas.




      I just thought of something. Soundcloud (the audio social networking site) has a feature in which other users can comment at any point in an audio track. This is precisely what I am seeking out in software. Also, the idea of submitting a sound file at a point in a video, similar to the director's commentary on a dvd interests me. What are some programs that have features such as these?

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      I found a program called Kinovea. It's an free open source program used traditionally for sports analysis. I think its fitting for what I'm doing. From what I see you can add comments on key frames. There's a feature to compare two video as well which seems useful for what I am trying to do. I have yet to try out the softare but here's the website for anyone who is interested in downloading it:


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