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      I’m a Dad and video enthusiast who has been capturing video of the kids and school events for 15 years. Today I run a multicamera HD setup where I capture the video streams and do all of my editing after the event in Premier. Generally speaking, I use anywhere from five to nine cameras to capture all kinds of angles. Of those, one or two cameras are typically being operated by me and/or a helper so we can get close-ups and panning shots. The whole thing is a lot of fun, but time-consuming to edit. It takes me around 5-10 minutes per minute of footage to get everything assembled, and for a 2-hour concert that’s a long time in editing.

      Recently I’ve been asked to help record some more live events, and now I’m wondering if it’s time to switch to “live editing” with a video mixing board. It seems to me that if I were able to get a couple of camera operator helpers, I could have one camera fixed on the long shot and three to direct while the event occurs. Then I could sit in between the camera operators and “direct” their shots to fit the event.

      I’ve looked at the Roland VR-50HD Multi Format Mixer, and at $8K, it’s a beefy investment for me. I might take the dive though if it really front-loads my editing and I can just do post-production for titles, credits, and DVD production.

      My questions are:

      Has anyone used the VR-50? If so, do you think it would work for what I describe above?

      For the video out, what do I record on? Today I just record to the SD cards in the cameras I use and copy that to the HD of my machine. But if this gives me a USB 3.0 stream out, is there some USB device I should think about to record the video? Or can I just direct it to an external hard drive to record there?

      Is there any other kind of board that I should look at? I’ve seen a few, but they all require additional equipment – the “all in one” aspect of the VR-50 seems nice.

      I also found this one:
      That looks like a PC in a special case with several input/outputs. It says it runs Windows 8 and then the Livestream software for editing. Anyone have any opinion of that one? A nice plus is it has a built-in hard drive (it’s a PC) that can hold 20 hours of video.

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      Take a look at the Blackmagic design Atem Switchers… they offer great flexibility at a good price.

      i have these products and they work great. yes you probably need converters to connect your cam`s to it but you would still be ending up spending less money

      Good Luck


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      I too was going to praise Blackmagic. I’ve been very impressed by their abilities.

      One thing – have you set aside budget for comms? A cabled duplex system is by far the best, and realistically, you’re looking at £150 per pack&headset, plus at the minimum, a power supply. Comms is absolutely critical. Some people do it with cheap radios, but quality of the audio is a bit more limited, they run on batteries, and if the director has to talk – it really needs to be continuous. The director really can’t be pressing buttons – so even with a budget radio at the other end, the base station will probably run at least £500 for a second hand one, plus license at £75 or so.

      I have a budget end portable unit – 3 or 4 cameras, with the cameras running on multicore cables, that carry video, audio, comms and power, feeding a For-a switchers, with monitors and comms is by far the most critical. We use it for imag – feeding screens in theatres, with a bit of conference work. It doesn’t get as much use as we’d like – mainly because the cameramen need paying – so the increase in the number of people messes up the budget!

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      We use a gaming computer with vmix on it. installed Flash media encoder. We upload video’s to our youtube channel. they give you free streaming with that account. We bought the SD package for streaming with vmix (one time cost). We use canopus advc110 to connect cameras to computer (need firewire cards), We used tascam us-122mkll for sound input.

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